Friday, August 31, 2012

What I've being eating today

I got up and had a coffee

I shared fried eggs with my daughter. Damn, one broke! I hate when it happens

I know a lot of people love cast iron.  For this task I love my Debuyer mineral b. I had leftover marinated eggplants in the fridge, a little dust of homemade sweet pepper powder  and I was ready for my morning. errands.

At 11:30 I snacked on some macadamia nuts while prepping for lunch. Nothing complicated. Calf's liver and zucchini trombetta on the side. Trombetta is a fantastic zucchini native from the French and Italian Riviera. It is less watery than regular zucchini and retains its crunch.

 Calf's liver is not cheap eat around here. It's very easy to cook and delicious. My favourite pairing is with onion but I didn't have the time for it.

I also finished my son's food: few bites of fillet and some broccoli.

The little one shares my love for liver :-)

I needed some carbs, so black coffee, a slice of melon and a little bit of grapes

Then around 4-5 pm I had a snack with the children: olives, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and some nuts.

On Friday we usually have fish, not because of religious reasons...just because I can have someone delivering fresh fish from Italy. My husband, which usually likes soup, has been on a long crave for fried fish...ahi, tons of peanut oil for this. Well, today I made fish soup. But it's alway a bit of a pain.

Do you see all this fish?

Well, I filleted all of it! so I could eat my soup in peace without having to clean the fish from bones.
I used heads and bones to make the stock for the soup.
And I was afraid the soup would not be enough filling for I also made some roasted celeriac chips and I'm embarassed to say I finshed all of it by myself! Yes, I know, I'm a big eater...but I'm also a breastfeeding mom!

And since I need some carbs I had two more slices of melon.
Today was very smooth for me. I find important I have enough food around.

29 days to go!!!