My name is Francesca  and I created this space to record my eating adventures, what I eat and what I feed to my family.

I graduated from the French Culinary Institute in NYC and I had a very short career as a chef, now I'm a full time mom to Gēge, my 5 years old boy and Mèi mei, my 1 1/2 years old girl. These are not their real names, just the way they call each other in Chinese, they stand for Brother and Sister, in fact my husband is Chinese born, naturalized American.
My husband, V, could be considered a very natural eater, he really likes his wine and he is very skeptic in general, he just eats what he likes to eat. For him, bread is not necessary, nor rice, he doesn't like food that is altered or manipulated too much.

We love nutrient dense food. While other families go out for pizza, we like our fruits de mer, advantages of living on the Cote d'Azur! You can always find some foie gras in our fridge or freezer and we just happen to love offals. I am a stock fanatic and also when I attended cooking school I loved butchering and kind of dread the pastry station.
I'm trying to stay away from sugar and I'm not sure that it is to eat an healthy diet but you are not going to see me cooking cupcakes...We do like to eat ice cream.

In case you are wondering, I was born and raised in Italy,  at the moment reside in the Principality of Monaco, although I've lived in the US and in the UK. So, the way this family eats it's a mix of all the cultures and places we have lived. I do find often mentioned in American web sites, blogs etc. about  the French or Italian way of eating, it seems to me  more a constructed idea and here I would like to give a window to this world.

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