Sunday, September 2, 2012

What I've being eating today

I really shympatize with prolific bloggers, it takes a lot of energy especially if you are working full time or, as in my case, have small children.

I enjoyed breakfast. I saute' some onion and added some peeled and chopped tomatoes,  I let it cook for 10-15 minutes, added some leftover zucchini trombetta and cracked open two eggs and let it simmer untill the white was cooked and the yolk still runny.

I must admit: I'm not really prepared, meaning I didn't stock my pantry enough and I KNOW to have food ready or that could be easily prepared it's key.

For lunch the children and hubby had spaghetti with clams. I only had clams and some fillet on my cast iron grill pan and a salad. Not a lot of food for me.

After lunch, I had coffe and a little bit of fruit: grapes and a couple Reine Claude prunes. 

The weather was nasty so we decided to go grocery shopping at Carrefour. I normally buy at a farmer market 5 minutes walk from my house but we needed to stock also on other ingredients that are normally cheaper at Carrefour.
I tell you, I'm going to miss my frozen fresh foie-gras if we move back to the States.

For dinner we had duck breast, fresh escalope de foie gras saute' and some belgian endive, I also quickly cooked some green beans in the pressure cooker for the children and I had also a little of that.

The meal was very rich and so I felt I really needed my fruit after dinner. Also considering I didn't cook any starchy vegetables.


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