Sunday, September 2, 2012


This morning I didn't feel like eating eggs.

I had some smoked wild alaskan salmon with a salad of cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and some basil, with a squeeze of lime juice and EVOO. Double this portion!

I was still hungry, so I had a small cup of grapes and around 11:00 a handful of macadamia nuts.

For lunch I made a dish I love, from one of my favourite food authors, Jennifer McLagan, her books are not Paleo but I own to her my love for fats...I am, in fact, a food fat fanatic, I save any kind of dripping and render all my fats. So, when her book "Odd Bits" came out I run out to buy my copy. I already cooked so much of the book and Jennifer's recipes are marvellous! I urge you to give to Jennifer's books a try, they all can easily adapted to Paleo and she is THE master of offals, fats and bones.
I had a little bit of pork belly, not much, so I decided to cook the rillons from Jennifer's book. It's my second time making them, here in my Italian food blog. This time left out the brandy and little sugar, didn't sprinkle with nuts and nut oil. The taste for sure it's better with those ingredients added, but very tasty dish anyway.

As usual, I was afraid this would not be enough food for me, so I shared in addiction a 2 mushroom eggs frittata with the husband.

Then I had coffee and a slice of Canary Melon

How do I feel? Let's say 90% full. I don't have cravings but sometimes I feel I need a little extra food.

Opening another post for dinner!

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